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October 07, 2015

New Location!

After nearly a decade of serving the South Tampa area we're excited to say we've finally made the big move across the bridge! Our new spot is located at 6160 Ulmerton Rd. #8 Clearwater, FL 33760. Presently Drew is up to his ears in paint & flooring while Tiffany is using the downtime on her end to work on growing our other big news... The newest member of the Iron Rose Tattoos family is expected to join us Spring of 2016! As long as we have no major hiccups regarding buildout, we'll be up & running the last two weeks of October. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our usual means of celebrating... SPECIALS! Thanks to you, the people that bless us with the oppurtunity to do what we love on a daily basis! So much to be grateful for! SO MUCH TO DO! Stay tuned friends!  







November 22, 2013

Meet the Studio!

    Iron Rose Tattoos is a custom tattoo studio located in sunny (for the most part!) Florida. We pride ourselves on skill, health & safety, customer service and knowledge of our craft in a setting very much unlike the traditional “tattoo parlor”. You won’t see a bunch of flash on the walls. There is zero offensive literature on our book shelves. Dirty jokes and profane language are not common place. Our shop was built on relationships. We’re a family here & extend that same level of value to our customers. Each tattoo is designed specifically for that client. We take our time to make sure that what you see in your mind is what winds up on your skin. Iron Rose Tattoos is 100% in compliance with all county & state regulations. We’re committed to upholding our reputation of excellence through awesome tattoo art and happy patrons.

     We specialize in all types of tattooing, including…

Color Portraits, American Traditional Tattoos, Black and Gray Tattoos, Photo Realism Tattoos, Color Bomb Tattoos, Traditional Japanese Tattoos, Watercolor Tattoos, New Skool Tattoos, Fine Line Tattoos and so much more!

     We obviously have personal preferences when it comes to specific styles of tattooing, but are experienced and eager to accommodate any reasonable client request. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse any tattoo. If a tattoo is racially motivated, gang related, or satanic in nature, it WILL NOT be done by Iron Rose Tattoos. Since we are greatly influenced by our Christian faith, we also refrain from doing any tattoo that directly opposes biblical teaching.

      We now operate exclusively by appointment only and are typically booked anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months out. Consultations are free and can be scheduled via phone, e-mail or in person throughout the week.

     We are a Board of Health certified studio and meet all local and state requirements at all times. Licenses for not only the shop itself, but each individual artist are available for client review at all times. All needles are single use and will be opened in front of you.

     We truly do love what we do here! Thanks for checking out our site & hopefully we’ll get to collaborate on some one of a kind artwork soon!

Drew & Tiffany

Iron Rose Tattoos Staff